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Belle Glos - The Many Faces of Pinot Noir

Belle Glos Pinot Noirs (Clark&Telephone, Dairyman, Las Alturas) - $49.99

If you're looking to spend a little extra on a wine that will deliver on every penny, choose a Belle Glos Pinot Noir by Joseph Wagner. Made in small batches each vintage, we now have 3 to choose from: Clark & Telephone from Santa Maria Valley, Las Alturas from Santa Lucia Highlands and Dairyman from Russian River Valley.

Although you may think they come from similar locations and share the same type of grape, each wine is different and impressive in its own elegant way. The winery makes ongoing decisions about each small wine lot, based upon tasting each lot over and over to see what it requires: cold soak versus no cold soak, one yeast strain versus another, the type of French oak barrel to use for aging. This way they emphasize different characteristics in a wine lending each barrel its own identity.

The Clark& Telephone is lush with aromas of dark berries, caramel and baking spices, velvety tannins and a long finish. In the words of its maker, it tastes like Christmas, but we're positive you can enjoy it just as well on a Wednesday evening.

Las Alturas is layered with dark cherry and licorice aromas, with vanilla and cedar oak. An excellent gift for the gentleman wine drinker. Or for yourself, you go-getter and hard worker, you deserve it!

The Dairyman showcases ripe plum with notes of dried herbs and smoke, cedar and cocoa powder, and sweet, fig jam and ripe blackberry. Don't even bother pairing it with food, it's too delicious to spoil. Pair it with good company and lively conversation.

Go for that nicer bottle this week, it will make all the difference!

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