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Freakshow - a Cabernet for Stormy Days

Updated: Sep 20, 2018

Michael David FREAKSHOW California Cab $21.99

Michael David Winery stands apart from the crowd through their unusual wines and quirky labels. It started as the project of brothers Michael and David Phillips and is now 6 generations deep into winemaking.

This Cabernet is instantly eye-catching with a well-designed label, and we love that about it. It's ok to be a label buyer once in a while, and with this one, the wine is just as eventful as the design!

Medium bodied and with a deep dark color, this Cabernet's shining feature is the way it showcases French oak aromas. This is a wine best enjoyed by the fire, and best paired with smoky flavors. Filled with blackberry and toasted hazelnut notes, it opens up with ripe fig and clove on the palate, giving way to velvety tannins and well balanced acidity.

An excellent dinner pairing on a wet, stormy day, Freakshow is sure to warm you up with it's ripe, juicy flavors. The kind of wine you can enjoy on its own, or at the end of a rich meal, instead of desert.

Snack plate ideas to pair with it:

- mix one small pack of Westfield Farms Capri Hickory Smoked Goat cheese with an avocado and a tablespoon of chopped chives for a silky, smoky spread

- Olli Chorizo salumi (the hint of paprika in this salumi will go excellent with the oak)

- Asturi Olive Oil Focaccia Bites (the olive oil richness will hold up beautifully to the boldness of the wine)

This wine will be featured throughout into the beginning of October, so don't miss out on the opportunity to bring home a bottle of this beauty!

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