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Moldovan Wine Tasting - Part 2

Updated: Oct 10, 2019

This fall's second grand lineup of Moldovan wines

This Friday, October 11th, we're excited to introduce you to more of our newly acquired Moldovan wine, with a surprisingly affordable and delicious lineup.

Noteworthy wines include a Fetească Albă, a fragrant white of native Romanian grapes grown almost exclusively in Romania and Moldova. Castel Mimi is one of the first wine castles of Moldova, established in 1903. This white is easy and elegant, with citrus aromas, notes of apricot and light, balanced acidity; a wine that reminds of Mosel Rielsing and Pinot Gris all rolled into one.

In an unusual twist on the classic Cabernet, Taking Root is a daring white made of 100% Cabernet grapes, de-skinned for zero contact with the juices, resulting in a grassy, Sauvignon Blanc-like wine, with creamy berry flavors and crisp minerality. In spite of being white, this wine holds on to its Cabernet full body, making it incredibly food-friendly and versatile. Your holiday meal would love this wine alongside it!

From our red wine selection, Negru de Purcari is sure to leave a strong impression. Founded in 1827, Château Purcari is one of the most popular wineries in Eastern Europe, recognized worldwide for its exceptional, award-winning wines, praised in competitions such as Decanter, Challenge International du Vin, Concours Mondial deBrussels, International Wine & Spirit Competition. The Purcari wines today are as appreciated in Europe as much as Burgundy and Bordeaux wines. The Negru de Purcari is a spectacular blend of Cabernet, Saperavi and Rară Neagră (rare black), hand harvested and produced using traditional methods. This red shows off with flavors of baking spice and ripe berries, balanced with fine tannins for a long, smooth finish.

Join us this week for all this and more, paired with house-made traditional Eastern-European snacks. Friday, October 11, at 4pm!

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