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Wines of Moldova

We are incredibly excited to introduce you to our newest Eastern European wine lineup from Moldova. From authentic native grapes to unique winemaking methods, our new selection ranges from light and refreshing whites to heavy-hitting, food friendly reds.

Wines of Moldova

Cricova is the second largest wine cellar in Moldova, boasting 75 miles of wine-storing underground "roadways" with tasting rooms and private collections. the oldest wine stored there dates back to 1902, a testament to their tried-and-true old winemaking practices. Salty Market now features a Cricova Brut sparkling made of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes, using the traditional methode champenoise.

Also from Cricova, a hearty red of Rară Neagră (rare black) grapes. This is an ancient, late-ripening grape variety from Moldova, thought to be the result of selective breeding that took place in the 14th century, currently grown in Romania, Moldova, Ukraine and Russia. Wines of rară neagră are ruby colored, sometimes with a hint of pomegranate, full bodied, and velvety. With time, they reveal notes of dried fruit and vanilla.

Kazayak Fetească Regală $12.99, Gogu Blanc de Merlot $15.99

On the white wine front, we're showcasing a Fetească Regală (royal maiden), a Romanian-bred grape hybrid of native the white grapes Grasă (fat) and Fetească Albă (maiden white). Also unique and unexpected, an award-winning Blanc de Merlot from Gogu winery.

In the same category of lesser-known grapes: Saperavi (dye), a dark Georgian grape variety that became very popular throughout the former Soviet Block and settled in right at home in Moldova, producing a dark wine with sapid tannin, marked acidity, and aromas of black fruit, licorice, chocolate, smoked meat, and savory spice reminiscent of Blaufrankish or French Syrah. Gitana Winery's Saperavi is clay amphora aged, allowing for micro-oxygenation, which softens the tannins and preserves the fruit flavors. Saperavi is also an excellent grape for blending. Lupi (wolves) is an award winning reserve blend of Saperavi, Cabernet and Merlot, aged for 2 years in Russian oak barrels.

Overall, Moldovan wines will distinguish themselves as hearty and extremely food-friendly. Come sample this lineup on Friday, September 21st, alongside traditional foods like roasted lamb and zacuscă (roasted vegetable spread).

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